Following its exclusive debut on PopMatters yesterday, The Happys are excited to announce their latest music video for “Cut The Rope.”

Shot by Will Rushton Films, the visuals are said to portray the darkness of living with anxiety. Frontman Nick Petty explains, “The song examines elements in people’s lives that hold them back emotionally. Cut The Rope to us is like ripping a band aid off…. it could be regarding a drug problem, bad work situation, toxic relationship or anything that you need to just get over and cut out of your life. If something is continuously holding you back/down, then maybe this song is about that.”

Watch “Cut The Rope” below:

Their latest EP ‘Bipolar’ focuses on the struggles addiction and mental health issues, Nick Petty explains “I get what it’s like to not be getting the necessary help while suffering from depression and anxiety. I am very lucky to have this musical outlet to help with my own issues and I want to spread the love and hope to anyone who will listen. I strive to entertain people and let people know it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be different.”

Stream The Happys’ ‘Bipolar’ here:

Upcoming shows:
MAR 30 Broadway Nightclub & Bar- Fairfax, CA
APR 27 Butter & Egg Days Festival at Roaring Donkey- Petaluma, CA
MAY 31 RockSoberFest: Mendocino County Fairgrounds May 31 – Jun 2



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