Having come onboard last year for the first ever UPSURGE FESTIVAL, this year looks to be even bigger than the last.

With the London venue, New Cross Inn becoming the HOME of hardcore and punk, it’s with no surprise that this year’s first announcement see’s INCENDIARY (UK EXCLUSIVE), HANG THE BASTERD (REUNION SHOW), and NO TURNING BACK (UK EXCLUSIVE) are all set for this year’s festival.

Despite the festival and venue’s quick growth, Upsurge founder Eddie Griffiths simply tells us. “I started it (Upsurge) so I had an excuse to get This Is Colour back together. It worked (laughs)”.

A huge reason as to why both the New Cross Inn have become established is due to it’s phenomenal approach to also give way to future headliners, building itself as a pillar in the independent music world. “It gives smaller artists an opportunity to play with bigger artists they might not necessarily get at main stream festivals.” Comments Eddie.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to head down to the intimate 350 capacity venue, then Eddie will tell you this. “I’m excited for the fest as we’re getting to put on so many rad artists across 3 days…and seeing people go ballistic!”

Ticket information and day split information is coming soon. For more info head HERE.



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