Birmingham pop-rock outfit Yikes! have made a return to music with their vivacious new track ‘Uncanny Valley’.

Accompanying their track is a video, filmed in Birmingham’s own ‘Rage Room’ that fits perfectly with its twisted theme. Using cinematic parallels to play on the underlying dark themes of isolation and stigmatization weaved in by the band’s lyrical genius, there’s a huge, unseen satirical twist that encompasses the dark hilarity of Yikes! Is it a bird? is it a plane? No- it’s a huge killer bear.  Check out the video for yourself below:

Yikes! suppress a history between its four members, originally known as ‘Blank Parody’ the group rebranded late last year and found themselves two new members. We sat down with frontman Joby Fitzgerald and guitarist Liam Howard to speak about their eventful year of 2018 and the direction of the band stepping into a new year.

With Blank Parody, there was sort of a feeling that it was running its course and the whole purpose with Yikes! is a fresh start, to use our previous lessons or mistakes toward our future as a new band,” says Howard.

He continues “Our previous work was very posh sounding but with Yikes! you’re getting something a bit more dirty, and in your face. The big difference between the two is a new character and a shot of expression instead of hiding behind the music.” 

Unfamiliar to their older fanbase are two new additions to the collective, drummer TJ Weston and Bassist Matt Ford. Fitzgerald explained that he poached the two from previous bands they’d worked with “we found TJ in a brothel haha- no we poached him from another band as we went to work in the studio.Weston is already making waves amongst live audiences as his ecstatic, off the wall drumming technique captivates the furthest depths of a room.

Fitzgerald elaborates “Then Matt we’d found through recommendation, immediately he was great.” Ford is arguably the underdog of the band that lurks in the shadows of performances, whilst Howard shreds into crowd and Fitzgerald comes face to face with his audience, Ford holds down the fort on stage and brings an oddly mellow vibe to every performance.

The band wants to assure fans that there’s no bad blood between their previous members “Connor, my step-brother, used to be our drummer but now he’s joined Pagans and he’s doing his thing. We’ve got a lot of love for Pagans and you can tell he’s having a good time” says Howard. “Our previous bassist left on his own terms but there’s no bad blood there.”

Fitzgerald established that the name ‘Yikes!’ represented an exciting new beginning for the band, with a colorful start to 2019, but finding a name wasn’t as poetic as you think. “Honestly we were sitting in a pub in Lichfield and reading off people’s statuses until found a meme on Facebook that said “Yikes!” and we just thought it stuck, so here we are”

It’s funny because people will write any status with the word “yikes!” in and it will automatically tag us so we’ve got some good PR laid down.” 

Following their debut Birmingham and London date with ‘WAVED’, the band will now embark on a run of national dates including the ‘Arch Nemesis Tour’ with VEDA.

06th February – West Street Live, Sheffield (Headline)
24th February – The Slaughtered Lamb, London
06th March – Northern Guitars, Leeds
08th March – EBGB’s, Liverpool
18th March – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
21st March – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
24th March – Fiddlers Elbow, London



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