The guitars. The Chugging. The Breakdowns.

Wage War is bringing all the rage with their new single ‘Low’ that’ll get you feeling a type of way you’ve never felt before (spoiler, it’s awesome.)

After teasing fans across their social media with lyrics and short clips the band finally released the new track ‘Low’ followed with a gloaming music video that just makes you get up and start headbanging. But really you need to experience it for yourself, watch it below and prepare yourself for some intense riffage:

This single leads from their second studio album ‘Deadweight.’ “‘Low’ is one of the first full songs we completed after Deadweight,” said singer/guitarist Cody Quistad. “It started as most songs do with the main riff. We recorded the first demo of it on our bus on Warped Tour this past year. We went back to Andrew Wade and Jeremy McKinnon for the production and engineering side of things and were honoured to have metal legend, Mark Lewis, mix it! The song went through many structural changes before landing on what it is today. ‘Low’ represents everything you’ve come to expect from Wage War, but in its most refined state.” 

One special superfan chimed in to give her take on the new track and that was A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon and his young daughter who can be seen in the clip below dancing along to the new track- probably the most important seal of approval the band will ever need. McKinnon is said to be working his all-knowing magic and helping the band in the production of their forthcoming album.

What are your thoughts on the new track? Let us know!



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