The struggle for emerging talent is the same the world over; another creative bond and shared fight that unites all artists, regardless of scene or genre. It’s no secret that the structure that fuels the most volatile of industries is starting to reveal its cracks thanks to ticket touts, increased fees and too many cash grabs to ever list in one place.

Polaris’ vocalist isn’t one to mix his words, “I feel that our Government needs to realise how big the Australian music scene really is”, he vents, choosing to make his frustrations abundantly clear.

“our Government needs to realise how big the Australian music scene really is.”

“It’s been a real shame seeing so many venues close or disappears over the past few years in Australia”, shares Jamie Hails, frontman for Australia’s latest metal-core export. “There’s only so much we can do… I mean local promoters are doing their best to put on shows and half the time shows get shut down or don’t even happen due to the government’s laws and regulations which makes it harder on the promoters.”

With venues closing their doors, and perhaps more importantly their bars and merch tables, the scene did the unexpected. No longer restrained by commercial measurements of success, the community came and took everyone back to its roots. “Over the past year I have seen a lot more local shows happening than the past few years and I feel, yes the music scene is sustaining itself and growing bigger”, explains Jamie.

But as the frontman says this growth has done much more than nurture the career of a handful of hometown talents. “We now have Download returning to Australia again for the 2nd year now and hitting Sydney this time around as well as Melbourne. We’ve just had Good Things Festival which was huge for the Australian Alternative music scene. UNIFY Gathering is now on its 5th year and it’s bigger than it has ever been.”

Poised to be Australia’s next heavyweights of the alternative scene, Polaris don’t just have their sights set on dominating their home turf, instead looking to replicate the success of Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction; having their names become synonymous with international success.

“within the next year we will be seeing a big growth in the Australian music scene”

“Just seeing how well our record has been received internationally has been incredible… Australian alternative artists are starting to be recognised more internationally which is fantastic for the Australian alternative music scene.“ Hails sense of pride now becomes transparent, this isn’t just a singular effort but a campaign for recognition for the entirety of a creative community. “ I’ve been seeing many more bands heading overseas for tours now more than ever, which has been awesome to see. There is definitely a new wave of bands on the horizon I feel within the next year we will be seeing a big growth in the Australian music scene.“

Making these cries for support all the more potent, Polaris have broken the notorious international barrier that stops so many Ozzie artists in their tracks.  They are highlighting these issues half a world away whilst kicking off a monumental run of dates across Europe alongside industry royalty Architects and Beartooth.

“we pretty much write music that we want to hear”

“I’m not too sure how we have got to the status of where we are at”, Jamie reflects, “I guess you could say that we pretty much write music that we want to hear, and I don’t think we’re doing anything groundbreaking, but people seem to really love what we do and well… we’re just going to keep doing us and see where that takes us.”

And in staying true to themselves they have remained the same, untouched by the calls of inflated egos often found on the road. But as Hails recounts, nothing sobers the mind like home. “When we released our album we were touring in Europe/the UK on the Never Say Die Tour and the responses we were getting then were surprising us as it was our very first time overseas as a band. Our first shows back home since releasing The Mortal Coil was UNIFY Gathering 2018 – and just from walking out onto that stage we felt the love back home“




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