Warning: graphic content including rape, sexual assault and violence. Please do not read if this triggers you. 

Founder and frontman of electro-pop group Blood On The Dance Floor, Dahvie Vanity has been accused of further sexual assault allegations in a new expose from Huffington Post that accounts for over a dozen allegations, many of the victims being underage at the time. Big Cartel has now removed his merch from the site in response to the allegations.

Metal Sucks originally created an exposé back in August of this year that brought forward further allegations from six victims who were mostly underage. Now Huffington Post has followed up with a further exposé where even more women have come forward about their alleged experiences with sexual assault, many (again) were also underage.

HuffPost spoke to a dozen women in total who claim that Dahvie Vanity, also known as Jesus David Torres, had sexually assaulted them between 2006 and 2015. As of when this article is being written, Torres’ has not been arrested and is still able to make music with a new single out this week.

Now Torres’ merch provider appears to have dropped all their merch possibly in response to the allegations. Writers of the HuffPost article, Sebastian Murdock and Jesselyn Cook, revealed on Twitter that Big Cartel has since dropped Torres’ merchline.

“JUST IN: After informing online merchandise store Big Cartel of Dahvie Vanity’s numerous rape allegations, they told HuffPost they have decided to terminate their business with him.”

Vanity had been promoting his merch up until yesterday afternoon, but when clicking on the link featured in Torres‘ tweet below it just takes you to a page that says “Oops! We couldn’t find that page” implying that it has now been removed.

Although some of these allegations date over 12 years ago, most of the women who came forward did so as they feared that he’s still preying on young girls. Even now, women who have come out with claims of sexual assault haven’t even been able to use their full name in fear of being attacked by defensive BOTDF fans. In previous years, allegations made about the electro-popstar have been met with fierce backlash from the fanbase which could ultimately scare victims into silence.

Among the growing amount of stories is that of Priscilla Hendry who met Torres on MySpace in 2006 when she was 15 and he was 22. She recalls that when they met in person he “immediately tried to kiss her” and when realising Hendry didn’t have enough money for them to see a movie, Torres angrily drove her back home.

That’s when he pulled the car over and for the second time tried to kiss her. Things immediately escalated after she refused and he allegedly “shoved her face into his crotch so forcefully that he ripped out her hair extensions.”

Another allegation comes from Emerald Poor who claims that after just turning 18 in 2011, Poor met Torres, then 27, in a mall before a BOTDF’s show as he was getting a manicure that read “fuck me” across his nails. Torres offered to meet up after the show but Poor suggested breakfast.

Poor met Torres that morning at his Holiday Inn where she alleges he “grabbed her by the throat and dragged her into the bathroom.” There, he anally raped her in front of the bathroom mirror, forcing her to watch.

Poor says he then took her to bed and vaginally raped her next to a second bed with two unconscious women

HuffPost highlighted the several other examples of abuse, but stated that none of them went to the authorities except one time in 2009 where an incident lead to Torres’ arrest.

Torres was handcuffed at a BOTDF show in Denver on Sept. 12 2009 after a women had accused Torres of sexually assaulting her. The bands set was immediately cut short as they rushed off the stage to see what was going on.

After his arrest, his former bandmate Garrett McLaughlin (Garrett Ecstasy) noticed a young girl was speaking with police officers. McLaughlin recognised her when he had attempted to get in their van a previous night, but Torres shooed him away.

MetalSucks were able to acquire a copy of Torres’ arrest record from a Colorado police department that is dated Sept. 13, 2009. However, HuffPost states they were unable to verify the legitimacy of it or confirm if a charge was filed.

HuffPost contacted the Colorado Bureau of Investigations who could not reveal if arrest records existed in Torres’ name.

McLaughlin then quit in 2009 saying that Torres’ behavior deeply disturbed him. Torres then recruited Jayy Von Monroe, 17 at the time, who also left in 2016 and told HuffPost Torres’ behavior made him uncomfortable stating that “I think that [Torres] has a very childlike mind, and that’s why he’s able to, I guess, get into the heads of these kids and manipulate their thoughts and minds and what they idolize,” he continues.

HuffPost states that they attempted to contact Torres for a comment, but he hung up once the reporter identified himself.

Metalsucks and Huffpost’s original expose’s can be found here.



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