In case you’ve never heard of them, InVisions are a refreshing, off-the-wall, metalcore band from York UK who are putting themselves on the map. This week they announced two amazing success; signing to Stay Sick Recordings (Founded by Attila Frontman Fronz), and releasing their new record ‘Between You & Me’ on February 8, 2019.

In honour of this exciting news, the band have shared a video for their new track “Too Far Gone.” Watch the music video here:

This track follows their previous cut from the record, ‘Good For Nothing’ and will pick up where their 2017 self-released ‘Never Nothing‘ that got them noticed by Stay Sick Records, left off.

Guitarist Lucas Gabb says, “We were all at work, just a normal day, when we got a message from our manager saying that Mike and Fronz were listening to the new record. Pretty much straight away he showed interest and said he’d be in touch with a formal offer to join the label, which was mad! Mike has a badass history in the music industry and Fronz is G, so we’re definitely really hyped to get on board with them for the new record!”

Guitarist Alex Scott continued in elaborating about what’s to come with the new album “Between You & Me is a phrase everyone has said at some point when confiding in another person or divulging personal information. It’s the lead in to a confession, an off-the-record statement. It wholly sums up the themes that this album explores and the way in which it portrays them.”

The album is available for pre-order via InVisions or Stay Sick or digitally from iTunes.

1. Good For Nothing
2. Too Far Gone
3. Follow Me
4. Worlds Away
5. Too Little, Too Late
6. Heretic
7. Memoriam
8. Dead To Me
9. LifeLost
10. Down & Out
11. Destined To Fail



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