Pretty Vicious have dropped their exciting new video for track  ‘Are You Entertained’, the taken from their highly anticipated album out 2019 via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records.

Shot solely in black and white, the video places the four piece in a loose fairground performing ‘Are You Entertained’ on an anti-gravity ride. Directed by Benn Veasey, the bleak atmosphere creates great contrast to their electrifiying song, which gains momentum as the band are thrown around the ride’s spinning walls.

Frontman Brad Griffiths says ‘“It’s a song about teenage exuberance and rebellion…the feeling of invincibility and a big ‘F*** You to the world.”

Still on under 21 and having experience a turbulent music industry, Pretty Vicious are a band that have now found their footing and have unlocked the potential of how powerful their music truly is; they’re one step closer to replicating the arena rock success of their forefathers. 



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