Alan Walker, accalimed British-Norwegian music producer and DJ, has found himself a spot in the Presentedby store in London to talk about all things sneakers.

Presentedby are taking a spin on the rapidly growing sneaker culture and have already established themselves amongst sneakerheads as the place to go. Speaking about the heart of their brand, they say “We didn’t just want to open a sneaker store, we wanted to create the ultimate sneaker store in the world’s most popular city, which meant not only having the most sought-after sneakers. With prices ranging from £100 – £10,000, Presentedby caters for all ends of the market, not just the elite.

Alan Walker’s trip to the Presentedby store premiered on Crep Protect’s youtube channel today, you can watch it below:

This also gave the store the opportunity to partner with one of sneakers most protected allies, London born Crep Protect, who cover every sneaker need that you may ever have.



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