Old Wounds celebrated last Halloween with the surprise return of Kevin Iavaroni; Only Your Enemies Leave Roses on Devil’s Night and a show supporting Motionless in White on Halloween.

This year’s festive offering comes in the form of To Kill For. The second release from upcoming third record Glow and is in stark contrast to the sounds on their first released song Give A Name To Your Pain. To Kill For mixes in a heavy dose of a more alternative influence than the typical heavier sounds that they have previously explored.

Speaking to Kevin on the band’s creative process on Glow he tells me “We wanted to introduce a lot more melody. I sing a lot on the new record, not just this aggressive yell of whatever comes out of me. There’s a lot of singing, which is something I’ve always wanted to try, I’ve been singing in choirs since I was a little kid and it was something I always loved to do with my family. I enjoy singing, and without changing too much of the band, wanted to introduce some more melody. Ben [new guitarist] has this ability of writing these crazy, chaotic spastic heavy – brutal ass parts! But he ties it in with these pretty choruses and he’s got that chorus pedal that’s driving these melodies and it’s really, really cool. We are like minded and have very similar inspirations, especially when it came to these songs. There’s more of an alternative approach, they’re not just dialled in hardcore/metalcore songs. It should be very apparent to the listener that these songs took our time writing these songs.”

“We are like minded and have very similar inspirations…” 

To Kill For is a superb example of this and it’s abundant why the band have chosen this as one of their singles from the record; especially ahead of the full record release. It showcases wonderfully the perfect marriage of brutality and glittering melodic parts that are littered throughout Glow and the chorus To Kill For holds is wondrous and doesn’t just rely on the aural barbarism that they’re known for. Make no mistake however, the song is still blatantly an Old Wounds song with plenty of familiar aspects and Kevin’s vocals all making themselves heard throughout the song. Speaking on this and the band’s evolution, Kevin tells me, “We are 100% going to keep pushing in the direction that we’re in. We are not trying to just write basic dialled-in songs anymore a lot of this is song writing and definitely more alternative sounding than The Suffering Spirit but you will still hear Old Wounds, you will always hear that in our songs, regardless of what the song sounds like.”

To Kill For may shock some fans initially but it’s certainly going to fast become one of their favourite Old Wounds songs – perfectly embodying how Old Wounds will have wanted themselves to sound like as they flirt more with melody and clean vocals. It’s Old Wounds as you’ve never heard them, yet they tackle their new sounds flawlessly.

Glow is Old Wound’s third album and will be released through Good Fight Music on November 9th.



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