Respected clothing titans Hype are dominating fashion once again with their latest collection drop that’ll flood you with nostalgia; it’s HYPEXDISNEY.
The collection is said to be inspired by 90’s Mickey and Minnie, conveniently marking Disney’s 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, HypeXDisney lets you revisit the classic 90’s with reference to 90s sports silhouettes paired with a primary red, blue and yellow colour palette.
Featuring character-covered collection of sweats, t-shirts, tape sets and mickey-ears-style accessories, the overall vibe is fairytale meets the streets.

Speaking about encapsulating the moment during its creation and promotion HYPE said

Creating the nostalgic American dream on set, we wanted to capture the true meaning of “if you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney. That moment in your teenage years where boundaries weren’t set and your head was above the cloud.”
HYPE had only established itself in 2011 as a self-funded project but is now one of the UK’s most recognizable brands and a household name. It’s not surprising that they’re dancing with the Disney giants for a fun, nostalgic collection that’s suitable for all ages.



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