Slam Dunk Festival dropped a bittersweet bombshell of fans this week in the run-up to their 2019 annual event. The good news; They’ve announced a huge new venue for the north and it’s in Leeds! The not so good news; they won’t be hosting a Midlands date next year.

Breaking the news via Facebook, Slam Dunk have announced that their North date has found its new home in Temple Newsam Park, Leeds. Long-time fans will know this is an unfamiliar setting compared to previous years based in the city center. Explaining in the statement posted yesterday, after the success for their South date moving to Hartfield Park they felt this move would be beneficial for fans, especially those wanting bigger stages and smaller queues. Newsam Park is just outside the city center and there will be “easy drop-off and collection points, great parking straight off the motorway network, public transport links and we will also be providing a shuttle bus service from the city centre.”

Check out Slam Dunk’s exclusive video previewing the new widescale venue[0]=68.ARBQS121HpaA3nwy7f4oByBqJvhyc4wgUmy7zuJ0XXxosvycwBZ7hS52r91HsDDlsP66htDcTzbywp8pNl7NPCCv9lt8bABFJZ_vUYM8wXmQKbEmmdNOL5fMKrz3Jb-q0yPMbZ4nJ2xvUcr-_pszFm8CAGh9YKDlRHR-i6IzoEJdORbOZM8w&__tn__=-R

However, it seems that all good things do come to an end as Slam Dunk has also announced the end of a beautiful era; Slam Dunk Midlands. The independent festival explained that they’d be focusing more greatly on their two larger sites to “deliver what you want” thus meaning they are unable to run the third day. Slam Dunk have reassured Midlands fans that it’s not completely over for them and they’ll be teaming up with Big Green Coach Company to offer coaches from Birmingham to both their North and South sites as well as coaches from the main¬†North and South city centers to the venues.

Read the full statement:


Nearing its 12th anniversary, the event has flourished from the murky depths of the underground scene in Leeds to become one of the UK’s biggest widespread events for Pop-punk, rock and alternative music. Over time more and more fans have flooded through the venue gates across the UK and it was inevitable that they’d grow out of their old worn shoes into bigger, better venues. With the extra money from cutting a whole extra day, they’ll be able to put more money into the event, making it an all-around more fun experience for attendees.

We’re excited to see what’s next, SD19 here we come!



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