“Kyle Pavone, I love you dude, and will remember you forever.”

Yesterday evening Issue’s frontman Tyler Carter announced he won’t be able to perform alongside We Came As Romans at their tribute show in honor of the late Kyle Pavone. 

Alongside this announcement, he issued a detailed apology to the band and Pavone, as well as reflecting on his fond memories with Pavone in an almost 7-minute video uploaded to Youtube.

We Came As Romans recently announced they’d be hosting a tribute show, the ‘Promise Me Tribute Show’ to honor their frontman Kyle Pavone who passed away in August. The event will raise money for the Kyle Pavone Foundation,  with a line up of vocalists who will perform with WCAR, along with a handful of DJ’s too, all of which were friends with Pavone and WCAR, some touring with them in the past. Tyler Carter was scheduled to perform among the likes of August Burns Red’s Jake Luhrs; Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins; I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe, members of Born of Osiris, For Today, Nick Sampson and more. 

However, Carter explained that he is under limited constraints recording the latest Issue’s album and is unable to leave the studio, so he is now unable to attend the event. In the video titled “Kyle Pavone, WCAR, I Love You. I’m sorry” Carter shares that the passing of Pavone has been heavy on his heart and “hard to accept.”

Reflecting on their careers together, he talks about how WCAR was one of the first bands to tour with Issues and the first to show them how to have a good time on stage. He draws on a specific memory in 2011 where they sang one of WCAR’s older tracks  “To Plant A Seed” where Carter admits that he looked up to them and that moment really touched him.

“Kyle was an extremely nice guy always laughing always smiling, never had a bad thing to say… The guy was so positive,

“I didn’t know all the things going on in Kyle’s life… If you knew that it was somebodies end on this earth you would make the phone calls, you would make the facetime calls and you’d say goodbye or try to prevent it from happening.”

“Kyle we miss you so much man”

Watch the full video here:


The night will still continue on Sunday, October 28 at The Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan, details are here and also below:




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