As sons of first generation immigrants to the US, my brother Justin
Sane and I see the current scapegoating, marginalization and
detainment of refugees/immigrants as not only unconscionable but just
plain fucking wrong. It’s as simple as that. There are things in life
that you can consider moral grey areas, things that can be debated,
but then there are things like separating families and DETAINING
CHILDREN in prison like complexes. It is just wrong. And our
collective empathy must cross border law, generation gaps, and
political party politics to challenge those in power in the US and
worldwide to no longer allow things like this to happen.

“Challenge the people in your life when their prejudices are unveiled.”

My mother came to the United States from Italy literally on a boat.
She was 13 and barely spoke English, yet she was the one in the family
that spoke the most of it. She negotiated the purchase of the home her
and her sisters lived in with my grandfather, she was fearless then
and is fearless now. Justin’s story is similar. His father coming over
from Ireland, having to make his own way. Both faced immoral bias and
prejudice. Both were seen as “job stealers”… IRISH NEED NOT APPLY
scream from windows of Pittsburgh buildings, communities forced to be
isolated by neighborhoods. Fast forward to today, in Pittsburgh St.
Patrick’s Day is one of the cities most cherished holidays. Italian
neighborhoods host week long food festivals and community days.
Further enforcement of the idea that these fears of people taking only
and giving nothing are not based on fact or reality. But indeed based
only on fear.

So what can we do? Challenge the people in your life when their
prejudices are unveiled. Demonstrate the worth that immigrant
communities have created in our daily lives right now. Hold
politicians accountable when they scapegoat and fear monger these
folks. We always direct people to Amnesty International as a gateway
drug into activism, they fight to save lives of those most
marginalized and vulnerable.In the recounting of our history, which side are you on?

– Chris #2, Anti-Flag 


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