Iggy Azalea has provided the latest drama in the most fun rap rivalry since Biggy v Pac, weighing in on the Eminem v Machine Gun Kelly beef by apparently throwing her lot in with MGK. After Em finally dropped his reply diss track ‘Killshot’ this week to much excitement and hype from fans, she took a pot shot at his lyrics, via social media, tweeting out:

Considering she’s previously made an appearance on the rap god’s radio station Shade 45 (where she got shut down by a caller who was decidedly unimpressed by her freestyling efforts), her comments may come as a surprise. Of course, her recent conversion to Team MGK could have something to do with one specific bar rather than the rest of it: “Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow.”

She later expanded on the initial tweet by offering an explanation for the ‘lazy’ comment:

We’re not going to start comparing Azalea’s bars to Eminem’s. The ‘stans’ did that for us, replying to the tweets en masse and not hesitating to remind her – and everyone else – of the aforementioned Shade 45 appearance, and some other occasions where her mic skills might not have been up to scratch…

In retaliation, Iggy fans had this to say:

It seems that everyone’s taking shots at Shady these days though – perhaps Azalea’s after getting a full personalised diss track written about her too!

Whoever’s side you fall on, hip hop hasn’t been this fun since the early 2000s. And just in case you haven’t heard Em’s killing shot to MGK yet, here it is:



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