Against The Current have just released their brand new album ‘Past Lives’.

Released 28th September via Fueled by Raman, the band’s second studio album is home to their recently released singles “Voices” “Personal” “Almost Forgot” and “Strangers Again.”

Speaking about the record, vocalist Chrissy Constanza said: “We felt like every single song on the record encapsulates one of those key, formative moments in your life,” 

“Everything is about either an emotion or an experience that is one of those building blocks for you as a person. Sometimes when you look back at experiences that are so significant, you almost don’t recognise yourself in them. 

“When I look back like, four years ago, I can’t believe it was me in that situation but I know the story as if someone told it to me. It looks like it’s someone else and you’re looking in. It’s one of your past lives, almost.”

Listen to the new album here:



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