Punk. It’s always had the strongest political backbone, a message of social justice and unity, and it’s everything that the iconic ANTI-FLAG encompasses.

Now in this EXCLUSIVE monthly feature, we’re letting the band’s Justin Sane and Chris #2 take over for the monthly Justice feature, an open letter from the world of punk about social justice, politics, and more.

“Our goal is to put our community in the shoes of people who have less, or next to nothing; the desperate, the suffering, the persecuted….”

“As a band, it is our mission to challenge people and ourselves to search for a moral center. To dig deep inside for outrage, compassion and empathy. We ask people to care – and when possible, act. Not because it is good for us personally, but because it is the right thing to do. Our goal is to put our community in the shoes of people who have less, or next to nothing; the desperate, the suffering, the persecuted. It is our belief that until we can find empathy within ourselves as individuals that we can not progress as a society. We are not just singing about issues of political policy, we are singing about moral issues and asking the question, “How do we want to be judged collectively as a society by future generations?”

These songs are a nod to the folk genre, what it stands for, and the inspiration it has given to us over many years through artists from Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and Billy Bragg.

“If they come for you in the night, they will come for me in the morning.” The chorus of “I’ll See You When The Wall Falls.” One of the corner stones we chose to include on American Reckoning.  This song is primarily a call to stand against the neo-fascist stylings of politicians in North America and beyond.  When you see one group attacked, you can not stand by idly because you are not considered a part of the group under attack. We must take a united stand against this hideous, bigoted, hateful politics right now, today. There can be no wavering.  You must choose a side.


In our song “American Attraction” we ask what kind of society do we want to live in? One where consumerism and authoritarianism rule our moral high ground? One that endorses a xenophobic, nationalist government, and a President who attacks women, Mexicans, muslims, LGBTQ people, immigrants, refugees, and minorities? 

“The Debate Is Over” is a song where we look at the profit motive in denying global warming and question the judgement of those who are more concerned with saving capitalism than saving the health of the planet.

With our song “Racists” we ask people to face their personal bias and the inherent racism. We’re asking people to take an honest look at themselves so they can grow past the petty bigotries that society breeds in us. We also send a clear message to bigots: if you think it is ok to be a bigot, we’re going to tell you otherwise you racist piece of shit!

American Reckoning, focuses on songs from our last two records American Spring and American Fall, and includes songs that whether people would expect it or not, were influential to AntiFlag – either in messaging or sonics. These are songs that we feel best maintain their relevance, even in the distraction politic Donald Trump America, where issues and truth are distorted in a seconds time.”






  1. Don’t you see that you are all coopted by elites using your ambition, anger, and drive (all created by them to begin with) to drive the world into a fascist government under the nice idea of “equality for all”. That’s just as bad as a fascist government pushing “equality for only one”.. Don’t you realize this? Any government using force is fascist.. Regardless of the intent of the force!


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