When it comes to the heavy music scene, the UK seems to be thriving more than ever. Hailing from Lincoln, Reclaimer have been making a name for themselves in the post hardcore scene, and with new material en route, it seems only right that we can be excited about what the future holds for hard hitting anthemic tunes.

EXCLUSIVELY dropping their new single, Chapter II with us, vocalist Harrison Cook goes on to describe the song as, ““I feel that Chapter II is really important to us as a band. As the name suggests it’s almost like we’ve started a new chapter in our journey as a band. Since the creation of Chapter II we’ve played with some amazing bands and some bands that we’ve all looked up too, joined Perspective Management who welcomed us with open arms and made new friends we’ll never forget. Chapter II for me personally was more about me trying to open up, being in a family where speaking about feelings doesn’t really happen and we’re in a changing world where men should be able to talk about their feelings without it being seen as a weakness.”



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