RATING: 5/10 

With Gravity, we see a solid yet inconsistent return for Bullet for my Valentine.

 Bullet boot the door down with ’Leap of Faith’ – an expression of rejuvenated song-writing. The opener expresses layered and coherent stylistics, whereby the space synth gives way to ominous drums, and the drums give way to compelling leads which glide over the rhythm section with exceptional agreement during the verses as well as the arena-worthy chorus.

Track two is always crucial, and Bullet have taken heed of this convention. ‘Over It’ explodes into a huge riff that showcases BFMV’s signature metalcore style. The riffs in this track are a real throwback and would not sound out of place on an O.G. metalcore record in the vein of Bleeding Through or It Dies Today.

Bullet prove once again that they can still write music of a solid caliber…”

The catchiest anthem on Gravity sits comfortably at track three. ‘Letting you Go’ showcases top tier production of piercing guitars and crushing drums that will have the listener and the audience head-banging to no end.

By track four, Gravity nosedives in terms of momentum. The coherence and captivation showcased on the openers is lost in the predictability of the mid-section. ‘The Very Last Time’ is most potent ballad of the record, but the listener is beginning to yearn for the ruthless thrash of Scream Aim Fire. That said, this could be a ‘lighters in the air’ sort of track in the live environment. ‘Piece of Me’, another single, includes a breakdown riff that hits so hard it may cause your spectacles to slip right off. The album is fleshed out by fillers until another album highlight, ‘Don’t Need You’, – a song initially released in late 2016.

Gravity bows out with ‘Breathe Underwater’ another slow number. The raw lyrical content does not salvage the predictable structure of the song however, and we are left with an album that, bar a few strong moments, does not much invite another listen.

Bullet prove once again that they can still write music of a solid calibre, but perhaps they should have directed their efforts more concisely into a high calibre E.P. rather than a full length which misses as often as it hits.






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