When it comes to hardcore it’s a genre that never seems to make us foam at the mouth with how stacked the lineups can be. Leaving craters in venues, venues of which have seen old canal mills and warehouses turned into DIY spaces, and with Outbreak taking the LEAD in being one of the festivals, not just in hardcore, but on the independent circuit to shape both the genre and festivals themselves, it seems only right that we bring you the ultimate guide to the weekend.


This year we are blessed to have one of the world’s most pivotal bands commanding Sunday’s headline spot. The grammy nominated Pittsburgh powerhouse deliver discord breakdowns of an unprecedented barbarity coupled with an industrial showcase in the vein of Fear Factory and Nine Inch Nails. Expect forty relentless minutes of sense bombardment and lawless crowd participation.


The band shaping the sound of modern hardcore boast an urgent and funk driven sonic journey like no other. Known for their hectic live shows and invigorated with fresh vitality from their new monumental LP Time and Space, Saturday’s milestone set will be a delightful melting pot of surging crowds, finger pointing, serial stage divers and spin kicks.


Outbreak Fest wouldn’t be itself without an old school legacy set. New Jersey Straight Edge stalwarts Floorpunch bring back the essential power chord punk that spearheaded the youth crew revival of the late 90’. Expect sentiments of positive living and community to propel the two steps and stage dives of a set that could just as easily have taken a headline spot. ‘X’ up and throw down.


2017’s headliners return once again to Leeds. Hailed as the band that brought thrash to hardcore, Cro-Mags bring the beats from the mean streets of New York City’s Lower East Side. With a Hare Krishna background and a massive online presence, frontman/iron man John Joseph will invigorate outbreak with the Positive Mental Attitude that underpins the entire subculture.


Expect the smoking area to be barren while Fury play. Theirs is a set not to be missed. With Paramount, one of the most well-received hardcore LP’s of all time, these Southern Cali hardcore heroes are bound to deliver back to back bangers. Expect closing track ‘The Feeling’ to galvanise the crowd into storming the stage.

twitching tongues

One of the most unique bands of the weekend, Tongues showcase a massive sound with soaring vocals and are by far the most ‘metal’ sounding band on the lineup. Their latest release Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred has been a career highlight, and it will be a treat to hear the theatrical U.K. live debut of the new material.


Originally from Manchester, Broken Teeth have built a decade of destruction upon thrash inspired hardcore that can pull a crowd from your mate’s living room all the way to Hellfest. Proving that perseverance and touring relentlessly pays off, Teeth cemented their place in UKHC history releasing their first official full length ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos’ on Nuclear Blast in 2016.

angel du$t

One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, Angel Du$t are a hybrid of hardcore’s finest. Boasting members from Trapped Under Ice, Mindset and Turnstile, the Maryland supergroup set themselves apart from generic hardcore with their blend of hook driven melodic hardcore reminiscent of Bad Brains and Gorilla Biscuits, infused with Nirvana’s earlier work. Rock the Fuck on Forever.


Midlands UKHC Chamber are fast becoming recognized as a staple of UKHC. Having played main support slots with Code Orange and off the back of a furious 2017 Outbreak set, Chamber are welcomed back with open arms. Expect a 90’s aesthetic with sludgy King Nine riffs and sub drops that might break your rip cage. Raw hardcore.

x servitude x

Vegan Straight Edge. xServitudex are a band with a fundamental core of spreading a message, and that message is delivered with some of the most ignorant riffs and breakdowns of the weekend. It is testament to their quality that they have already toured the U.S. for F.Y.A. fest and for shows with Jesus Piece. Get down early.

higher power

Since their short surprise set during Broken Teeth’s set at 2015’s Outbreak, the trajectory of Leeds’ very own Higher Power has been unstoppable. One of the most hard working hardcore bands out there, HP will adorn this year’s fest with Leeway style riffs and vocals harkening to Megadeth. And if there’s one thing for certain – there will be merch.


Another band to get down early for. Big Cheese have developed an ‘oi punk’ sounding hardcore style not dissimilar to The Flex. Members of Higher Power bring their musical prowess to this crucial UKHC band that will not disappoint. If Big Cheese can be counted on for anything, it’s a set that’s well rehearsed and fun as hell.


Maintaining the straight edge charged spirit of hardcore punk, this Washington based band will pull out all the stops to create an unforgettable set. With a similar production and song structure to Freedom, Protester will pull a boot stomping crowd early in the day as they play tracks from their 2017 LP Hide From Reality.


Having gained notoriety for their sporadic and furious mixture of hardcore, nu-metal and even grind, you might expect to see Vein headlining a festival like this in the future. Their grotesque imagery is reflected in an unpredictable heaviness that is best experienced live. Check out their set from TIHC 2017 for an insight into the impending doom.


Both instrumentally and vocally, one of the most relentless and ferocious acts of Outbreak fest will be indicating that they can hold their own with the best of them. Having gained support slots for metal legends Darkest Hour, and headlining countless shows of their own across the U.S, expect some of the hardest in the game delivering material both new and old.




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