Announced 13th June, Dr. Martens have just collaborated with the legendary Joy Division and New Order to celebrate the history of the British music scene. Launched today in the UK (Friday 15th June, 2018) three new boots have been released, two pairs with New Order and another with Joy Division.

Dr. Martens have done many collaborations and created shoes inspired by artists such as the JMW Turner releases that embrace the historical and incredible paintings done by said artist. They have also produced the 1460 Pride’s, that employ the colours of the rebellious symbol used for nearly 60 years. The Pride’s themselves are a symbol for the companies understanding of modern culture and states that no matter what “colour, creed, sexual orientation, musical tastes, passions or beliefs” we should celebrate inclusivity and diversity. Dr. Martens also donate a portion of the sales of the boot to The Albert Kennedy Trust.

Below are the JMW Turner collaborations.







New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division to create what became an iconic new electronic sound.

“If the band’s early years were somewhat shadowed by the legacy of Joy Division, their adoption 1980s New York club scene sound saw them praised in their own right. Their 1983 dance classic Blue Monday became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time and their involvement with legendary Manchester record label Factory Records and its nightclub The Haçienda means they’re a part of British music legend.” – Dr. Martens


The 1460 TECHNIQUE’s are a recreation from the 1989’s ‘Technique‘ album produced by New Order. These boots although the least favourite of the three new releases is visually stunning sporting a purple to pink fade layered with the cherub statue art to the outer side of the boot, representing the hedonism of the time. This boot is most certainly a head turner and is a must this summer to spice up your outfits.
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Salford based band Joy Division made such a big impact in such a short time that was unfortunately cut show following the demise of troubled and characteristic front man Ian Curtis. Producing tracks such as ‘Control’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ that became such cult songs embedded a place for their iconic album, ‘Unknown Pleasures’.

This homage to the legendary Joy Division is definitely our favourite here at Discovered, with its explosive, raw and intense design that perfectly represents the album itself. Designed by Peter Saville the design is a visual representation of pulsar sound waves and celebrate their first album, ‘Unknown Pleasures‘. The boot is covered with the design and translates seamlessly into the classic smooth leather. These boots are a must have in your Dr. Martens collection and we wonder if anyone would dare wear these out or whether they’d be your prize possessions on display.
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Finally, the last collaboration but not least comes the 1460 POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES from the New Order’s 1983 album cover. These boots are decorative with a crackled floral design printed onto suede to emulate a painted canvas. It’s without a doubt Dr. Martens have out done themselves on this boot and have gone the extra mile to create such an immense pair of boots. The 1460’s are an iconic boot but these take them to a different level that people have to ask where you got them because they’re so good!
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Overall the whole collection is visually stunning and is a perfect homage to the brilliance of both Joy Division and New Order. Embracing the colours, artwork and ruggedness of each applying textures that make the boots and artwork emphasis the meaning of the music. With each release of the boot has been a release of a T-shirt which also transcends the music beautifully. The collaboration as a whole is perfect and is a must to shop.



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