To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the notorious album ‘Follow The Leader’, LA based brand Pleasures and Korn have come together to collaborate on a collection of clothing.

Pleasures has collaborated with a number of huge names so far including the likes of emo-nite however the collaboration here with Korn is epic. The drop of course wont be something everybody is looking to purchase however Pleasures have stayed true to form and remained loyal to their recipe for success. To check out the limited line click here.

Beside is a personal favourite from the release titled Bakersfield. The t-shirt itself is very simple however it is layered together artistically that allows for the rugged of Korn to perfectly blend with the clean cut of Pleasures. The contrast in colours off sets the eye so that both names are readable and the contrasting colours also adds to the aesthetic that Pleasures produces.



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