Canada’s hottest new Hardcore outfit comes in the form of Quebec’s Boundaries. Alongside big names such as Brutality Will Prevail, Trash Talk and Deez Nuts, the band recently embarked upon a UK and European tour, something Boundaries see as a monumental feat, “In the beginning Boundaries was just an excuse to hang out with friends and have fun. It took us a long time to figure out that we had any kind of “potential”.

Actually, we’ve already exceeded every expectation that we had for this project, but now we have no intention of slowing down”. While still very young, the band have taken away inspiration from their time alongside Deez Nuts, “We definitely learned a lot from being around those guys. They’ve been in the game for a long time and they’re undeniably a good example that hard work pays off” comments the band.

Boundaries in the grand scheme of things are still very early on in their career, and being given the opportunity to work alongside acts such as Deez Nuts and Trash Talk and see them perform every night will have been a rewarding experience, coupled with the fact Boundaries are backed by the likes of Alex Erian of Obey The Brave,the band could be en route to becoming one of Hardcore’s next big names.

“we owe it to ourselves and to the people who supports us back home to make the most of every opportunity we get”

Boundaries are a breath of fresh air in a somewhat over saturated genre, they have put in a lot of hard work into getting themselves where they are today, and are more than proud of what they have already achieved; “There’s not a lot bands from Quebec, especially in our genre, who get to tour outside of Canada. So we owe it to ourselves and to the people who supports us back home to make the most of every opportunity we get”. The theme of DIY touring, and getting out there is perfectly encapsulated in the band’s music, particularly tracks such as the blatantly titled, Worth The Ride. A track that lyrically vocalist Maxime Maltais tells us he isn’t in it for the ego. Whilst having only released their debut full-length record last year; Boundaries have maintained the DIY attitude that Hardcore is infamous for, and firmly made the statement of real always recognising real.

On Quarter Life Crisis the band marry heavy riffs with rhythm alongside all out speed and heaviness, causing the record to keep the listener keen and interested with such a volitile mix. On the genre of Hardcore itself the band says; “We’re not very concerned about what’s “Hardcore” and what’s not, which leaves us more space to experiment with instrumentation, effect pedals, song structure, etc.” The band’s abandonment of just going for what is popular is testament to their ongoing evolution. But it’s not just the actual sounds of hardcore that the band seem to dis-concern themselves with. A prick in the thumb track, Something True stabs straight into the side of how much of a false and at times, for lack of a better word, bitchy the scene has become, calling out the shallow fake camaraderie that the band have seen through.

” “We’re not very concerned about what’s “Hardcore” and what’s not”

The band base themselves within the Hardcore scene, yet alongside other groundbreaking acts within Hardcore, Boundaries show that drawing inspiration from a wider range of musical styles makes for an interesting sound. Lyrically Quarter Life Crisis is exactly what it sounds like, “It was referring to the state of mind I was in while we were writing the album. I was putting everything in perspective at the time and I felt the need to write about it. Meanwhile, Max was also writing lyrics that were naturally connected to that title so we both felt like it was appropriate”. Quarter Life Crisis is a very honest and personal record for Boundaries, yet the subject matter is heavily relatable to anyone in their mid-twenties or anyone else for that matter, there’s no necessity for you to be experiencing a quarter life crisis to enjoy it.

Whether it’s the energetic live show that has left them comparable to the likes of Stray From The Path, or the brutal honesty that bands such as Architects have become renowned for, Boundaries have high hopes for the future and off the back of their venture overseas and the release of Quarter Life Crisis. Listen to us when we say that Boundaries are a force to be reckoned with.




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