RATING: 8/10

Watching Twitching Tongues grow into the five headed beast they are today has been a ride of uncertainty and delight in equal measures. Let Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred into your little lives, and you’ll see that the ride isn’t stopping until the world bows before the two T’s.

The acoustic strumming of ‘’AWOL – State of the Union’’ invites us to join the California wrecking force at the table. The serene yet profoundly foreboding strings could sound just as fitting as an intro on a classic thrash record like Ride the Lightning. The song then breaks into a primal cacophony of low end guitars and pedals that may remind the metal worshipper of Machine Head’s ‘’I am Hell [Sonata in C#]’’.

“If crowds do this record justice, there’s going to be facial reconstruction required…”

After the pounding of round one, enter lead single ‘’Harikari.’’ This is the shining star of the record.  It’s nothing too out of the ordinary, the classic verse-chorus structure is very much in place, but it is the nifty breakdown at around two minutes in that sticks. If crowds do this song justice, there’s going to be facial reconstruction required.

‘’Kill for You’’ eases you in. Before you know it, the nuanced guitars hit and we have a slower yet spirited album favourite. The lyrical content is not to be overlooked here, as Young has essentially written a love song built upon the pretence of violence. It’s a longer one, but If this song doesn’t click with you at first, listen to it again. TT drummer Cayle is a drumming machine, and his prowess is best showcased on ‘’T.F.R.’’ This is a melting pot of the entire record, we have super fast riffs, strategically placed samples, punk persuaded bass solos, war-metal reminiscent gang vocals and a ham guitar solo that will melt a face or two. Enjoy.

With ‘’Forgive and Remember’’ we are presented with a doom-sludge hell hammer which is one of the most atmospheric efforts on the entire album. The lyrics harken back to the album title, so be sure to read the liner notes. If you’re ready for another fast one, you’re in luck. The sort of title track ‘’Gaining Purpose’’ had it’s music video revealed the other day. The cadence of Young’s vocals here will stick in your head for days. Pay attention to the production of the instruments here, as the slightly dulled 2018 drum ‘pop’ gives way to the masterful guitars and vocals. Previous releases such as In Love There is no Law had a particularly abrasive production which were a little overbearing at times. Sometimes, it seems, less is more.

“Once again, Twitching Tongues have been strategic, resourceful, unrelenting and above all, bold.”

‘’Long Gone’’ and ‘’The Sound of Pain are the complete antithesis of one another. The former is the ballad of the record, armed with pianos, key changes and a chorus that will send a shiver through you. The latter is like a hammer to your skull, clocking in at less than two minutes and wielding the hardest breakdown you’ve heard this year. When the music stops and you hear Colin’s mosh callout, get as far away from the pit as possible if you value your teeth. The album could just as well have ended here, as ‘’Defection – Union of the State’’ is a little too long and lacklustre relative to the rest of the record.

All of the above having been considered, Twitching Tongues have delivered the record they were always destined to create. On Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, The genre-transcending power house of five have truly outdone themselves. Once again, Twitching Tongues have been strategic, resourceful, unrelenting and above all, bold.


















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