Corpus TV, ran by New York hardcore band Show Me The Body have just released a brand new ‘digital series’.

The eight part series is set to feature collaborators and directors working in New York City.

The first episode can be viewed at Corpus.NYC, the website of the band’s own label and features Dreamcrusher, directors Anna Pollack, Jack Irv, Michael Elijah, Sam Puglia (The Dawn Lombardi Show) and many more.

With new episodes coming every Monday until the end of April it’s something to keep an eye on for sure. Watch the first episode below:

Corpus TV contributors include: Anna Pollack, Jack Irv, Sam Puglia, Micheal Elijah, Drmcrshr, Oliver Shahery, Elijah Maura, Elias Paulson, Noble Spell, Asha Maura, Naya Samuel, Julian Cashwan Pratt, Harlan Steed, Noah Cohen Corbett



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