What does being a modern day man in 2018 even mean. Throughout history men have been macho wrestlers, swaggering footballers, confident business men, cowboys gunslinging and this leads to high end expectations of masculinity and male identity. But in 2018 we find ourselves in an era of change both socially and technologically, becoming accepting of gender fluidity and removing the ideologies of the old paradigms.


A culture with ‘no rules’ surrounding gender means that people can change their attitudes towards gender roles and stereotypes, whilst making those concreted in their ways uneasy. Men are beginning to question what is expected of them and this allows them to change their own social behaviours accordingly.

So in this era of optimisation and sophistication we ask ourselves what does define being a man and what qualities does a man truly have to have, and of course these are the conversations we need to have, embracing the best of the traditional qualities and developing some fundamental new ones.


Harry’s (a grooming company) have created a conversation very creatively to create traction with this movement where a brave young child confronts a being from outer-space and teaches him the ‘the way of man’. Harry’s created this advert in partnership with The Representation Project, and looks closely at how a young boy and an alien can slot into the narrow perceptions of manhood. The video outlines that the boy soon realises the old traditions don’t necessarily ring true and finds himself pondering deeper truths, something most men have probably experienced.

When you take gender roles out of context it is obvious that there can be no one-size-fits-all policy and we cannot presume for both men and women there are designated expectations but rather a base morality and code that as a human race we should live by, being a better version of yourself, whatever that looks and feels like.

Check out The Representation Project here to understand more about their cultural transformation:





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