Sheffield born Ben Howells, the founder of Akin approached Drop Dead, well renowned now for their charitable works within their local community of sheffield to discuss a collaboration for less economically developed countries.

In most developing countries it is a requirement for children to wear uniforms to school however as family income is so low many families cannot afford a uniform and therefore a child would miss out on the opportunity for an education. Approximately 67 million children are currently unable to attend school due to their family’s low income not providing sufficiently to purchase a uniform or basic school supplies.

Costa Rica, the country the two companies decided to aim their efforts at, had a poverty rate of 22.4% that decreased to 21.7% from 2014 to 2015 but the extreme poverty rate has increased from 5.8% to 7.2%, the highest recorded in the last 60 years.

On average the poorest of Costa Ricans have three years less schooling than their economically stable piers. For the children to earn their uniforms Akin aim to get the children to aid with plant gardens, paint buildings or cleaning elderly people’s homes. Outsourcing the making of the uniforms within the local community by Akin ensures they help the local community.

Drop Dead and Akin are donating 100% of proceeds so its important to know how to donate. You can simply either donate money directly to DD or you can send in a blank garment and they will in house print on the reverse of the garment. The designs are selected at random, so it’s a lucky dip style theme. Drop Dead’s creative director Oli Sykes and founder of Akin, Ben Howells have both been visiting the families in Costa Rica.





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