Hailing from Middlesborough, pop-punk five piece Northshore released their single, ‘Father’, in December 2017, and are currently working on a new EP which is “90% finished,” according to Dan Shepherd (bass/vocals). “We’re dead excited to show people what we have. It’s different from our first EP”

“It’s a bit more on the poppier side which we’re all excited about, so we hope the people who like our band are too!”

“if you work hard enough at something, you can definitely achieve it.”

And so far, there seem to be decent number of people who do like their band, with their single receiving an incredible response when it was released last year along with a music video airing on YouTube. It was at that point they realised the band had the potential to really go somewhere. “The support and response we got from Father kind of took us all by surprise, we weren’t expecting anything near what we got and for me that’s when I kind of thought that if we work hard enough we might actually be able to achieve something with this,” says Dan, with lead vocalist Ben Vickers adding, ““Father was such an important track to me so the fact it got such an awesome response means the world to me personally. Like Dan said, if you work hard enough at something, you can definitely achieve it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Massive shout out to [our manager] Dave Maxwell though who’s been with us since the beginning…without him I don’t think we’d be anywhere like we are now.”

In an oversaturated pop-punk scene, Northshore attempt to make themselves stand out by “being genuine, out-going and honest” blending elements of the genre to create something new. “[There’s] a lot of bands wanting to jump on the hype wagon, but that just means bands have to work that little bit harder to get noticed and actually get somewhere, so it’s not entirely a bad thing” says Dan, and they’re certainly willing to put in that effort and go the extra mile with their music. “work ethic and how you come across as individuals are just as important as your music, you can write an A* EP but if you’re band has a reputation for not being very nice guys or you just simply don’t put the effort it, it’s pretty much a waste.”

Coming from a place like Middlesborough ensures Northshore have to work even harder than the rest too, as according to the guys, the scene there is pretty much dead. “Yeah, we have absolutely no scene within Middlesborough,” Ben tells us. “It’s a shame really cause years ago we had some amazing bands from our hometown…and the likes of Middlesbrough Music Live that helped to bring some incredible bands like You Me At Six, We Are The Oceans and so on…but they slowly disappeared one by one. I would honestly say I think we are the only Pop-Punk / Alternative band left in our area.” It means they have to roadtrip to gigs in further away cities and towns, but they seem to have a positive attitude towards it and see it as a good thing. “There’s nothing like going to new places, playing new venues and meeting new people. I’d rather skint myself to travel and play to plenty of people than stay local and play to a few.”

“No one cares around here anymore,” agrees Dan. “I’d rather drive an hour to Newcastle and play to 20/30 people than play in my own town and pull about 5.”

Aside from the challenges of standing out in the pop punk scene, and travelling miles for a decent audience, the band recently made the epic step of leaving their label. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, especially for an up and coming act looking to make an impact and put out new music. “The release of Father it’s shown us that we can do this on our own if needs be,” says Dan. “We recorded, mixed & mastered it ourselves…It’s a mindset we’re carrying forward into our next EP, as again we’re producing and recording it all ourselves.”

“We recorded, mixed & mastered it ourselves…It’s a mindset we’re carrying forward”

As well as the new EP, fans of Northshore can expect “shows and more shows. We’ve got lots of stuff planned for the release,,,and we don’t want to give too much away but 2018 is going to be an exciting year for us.”

Dan agrees. “We’re just all itching to get out and play again. We’ve announced a week long April UK tour with Northern Horizon and we’ve got a lot more shows, weekenders, tours etc in the works.”




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