When you think of trendy alternative clothing lines many things come to mind, ripped jeans, DIY Punk bands, Oli Sykes and that brand that shall not be named. You don’t necessarily think about a group of snow-riders from the University of Gloucestershire who refer to themselves as “the sexy mother” by, Entirety co-founder, Ross Silcocks. Or bold pink hoodies and skater gear which are all tagged with the same message: ‘never wear this garment in a quiet room’.  Whilst it’s not our conventional view of such a label, it’s these aspects that have made Entirety a unique and ever growing brand.

““If DIY projects didn’t bring each other together we’d just be left with these little islands of people trying to make things happen but never go anywhere.”

“The first run was 50 limited edition t-shirts for a ski trip” continues Ross “7 years on we’re now providing thousands of items of snow wear for other university clubs across the UK.” It’s a niche beginning for a brand that now participate regularly in music stage takeovers at UK and European festivals, most notably this year’s 2000 Trees, as well as photographing snowboard and ski events. Oh, and on top of that they create promotional films through their sister company Entirety Labs. You know, on the side.

“As a team we cover music events across Europe, in 2017 we shot Defected Records festival in Croatia, Reading Festival, the OWSLA Europe tour” continues Ross as he talks about Entirety Labs. “And we created the video content for Annie Macs Lost and Found Festival in Malta.”

It’s certainly a hard working company and one that is teeming with excitement and energy. Whilst they have their creative fingers in many pies, Entirety are keen to mention their involvement in music (well this is a music magazine after all).“Entirety has always been tied really heavily to music” Explains co-founder James Alvis, a man who pretty much epitomises that ‘ultra-cool’ demeanour. It might be the long hair, or the skater boy look, or both.

“We’ve put on shows, hosted stages at festivals and even built our very own 30,000 capacity arena at Truck this summer!” He continues. Entirety certainly aren’t shy when it comes to putting in hard work. What is also apparent is their DIY attitude to everything they have done and achieved so far and how the music scene around them has helped grow that self-belief. “I fucking loved the scene in Brighton” says James after we delve into Entirety’s relationship with the music scene.

“All of the bands I knew were doing everything off their own backs or had at least started that way. Going from seeing them on tour and putting an album out as this mysterious thing… to seeing it happen in front of my eyes made me realise that if you want to, you can fucking do it!” It’s a simple belief but it’s at the core of Entirety. Coming together, using the inspiration of people around you, staying strong as a unit.

“If DIY projects didn’t bring each other together we’d just be left with these little islands of people trying to make things happen but never go anywhere.” Adds Ross.

“Favours are way better currency than money and I think everyone should try and work that way.” It’s a nice attitude to have and, with the obvious and merited success of the clothing label, it’s hard to fault it in any way. Whilst music is a core part of their attitude, creative inspiration comes in many forms for Entirety.

“Films, films are also a huge inspiration. I can’t describe how, it’s like a mush of all the highly far out movies we watch, then digitised and layered beautifully on a soft fabric. Yum Yum…”

As we lose Ross in his yummy soft fabric dream James chips in, “I’m a big fan of a minimalist approach, making the most of what’s already there instead of creating some big garish piece for the sake of it.”

Yummy fabric, mushy films, bold minimalism and an attitude that makes you want to stand up and applaud. In a nutshell Entirety are an honest, down to earth, do it yourself, powerhouse of creativity and it’s just beautiful to watch something like that grow, in whatever format.

When we ask what’s next for Entirety we get a barrage of answers. A new website, secret limited edition products, winter events including art shows and that’s before we can even talk about their desire 2018 collaborations. “One winter release coming we’re going dark, I mean let’s all worship Satan dark.” Adds Ross, as an afterthought.

What more could you ask for?







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