‘When bands go away from a while people just give up on them do you know what I mean?’ Isn’t the first thing that Becca says in the intervie, but it’s one of the things that sticks out to us, because she’s right. Ignoring your Fall Out Boys or more recently The Gaslight Anthems, bands that go on hiatus for a few years don’t ever make it to their original peaks. Luckily for Marmozets they’re back with a brand new album and they’re still rocking crowds like they never left.

“When bands go away from a while people just give up on them do you know what I mean?” – BECCA Mcintyre

When asked about the reason for the break Becca gives us a frank and truthful answer, something that sets up her answers for the rest of the interview. ‘A lot of issues just went down, and I had an operation, there was a death in the family, things that eventually ended up motivating all of us to push on and do the album that we’ve done. We played around with producers for a while as well, we eventually found the man who was right for the job.’ It’s clear from the way that she speaks about these hurdles they’ve not only managed to leap over them but they’re ready for any more that might come their way.

‘Being at home, it was huge because I was dead down for a while. I learnt a lot of life lesson’s though, so it was good because it made me more chilled than before and less anxious about everything. It’s just about getting the balance between it all you know like real life,’ at this point to laugh about what she just said and clarifies that, ‘I’m not saying that the band’s not real life, but we were on the road for two years straight. On the road it’s a whole other world, around the band and the band doing their job. Then the next week you can be back home and there’s all this other stuff that’s gone on that you kind of missed. Obviously, my mum and my other siblings will let me know what’s going on, on the road, but it’s a lot different when you’re around them, it’s just simple things like chilling out, it’s just weird. That doesn’t happen when you’re on the road.’

Obviously, the band couldn’t stay at home forever, they had to make a comeback, but this wasn’t without it’s difficulties. At the time Becca was struggling to walk and they weren’t all living in the same place. When we asked her about this Becca recounts the story of how they all got back together, ‘I remember I just rang everyone like “everyone come to Norwich, where I am, I can’t really get anywhere, I don’t have much money, everyone come to Norwich and let’s just make a start on this.” Everyone came, and it was a bit morbid, it really took us a while to find a place of happiness again with Marmozets.

“I’m sick and tired of this…”

I wouldn’t say that I’m the culprit one that got all of us back together, but I was the one that was like “I’m sick and tired of this and everyone needs to be underneath the same roof for a couple of days.” When we all got together we were all like “we love each other so much and we can actually write songs and we can do this.”’

It can’t all be doom and gloom when you’re talking to Marmozets, when we got onto talking about the new album, the frankness came back and with a smile Becca said ‘I couldn’t ask for anything better because we became so positive about what we’re doing especially when it came to the recording process, like, “we’ve got this and we know what we’re supposed to be doing.” It’s amazing how everyone’s just stayed strong for us it’s the raddest thing in the world.’

‘We thought that we’d have to do The Weird and The Wonderful again, we didn’t expect this to happen. Know it’s like we know what we’re meant to be doing and we just want to be able to put on the best Marmozets show, that’s all that’s on our mind at the moment. We just want to have the raddest time, and we know it’s going to be different each time we get on stage and we’re excited to see what happens.’

Somewhere along the interview, we got derailed a bit and got to talking about Download festival, where Marmozets have been on the most recent announcement playing the main stage. Becca tells us about her experience last year where she was ‘a bit late to the sorting out of guest passes and I didn’t even have enough money to afford a ticket to go so Roadrunner, Dave Rath man he looks after us, he was like “I’ll buy you a Download ticket.” So me and my friend went and we were staying in I think it was yellow camp which is right next to the part where everyone stays up until six in the morning, it was nuts. I’m not used to that because I’m used to going backstage and being in like guest camping.’ Becca also vehemently denies having a rock star moment and using the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ line to try and get into the guest area.

It’s amazing to see Marmozets back together, we’re excited and you should be too. Catch their new album everywhere or see them live because to quote Becca McIntyre, ‘it’s mind boggling, mate.’




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