In every scene you need a musician who everyone can turn to and go ‘here is the person that we look up to and respect on all matters,’ and in the pop punk scene it is quickly becoming the songwriter and all round good guy Luke Rainsford. In his own words he writes ‘negative emotions with an upbeat backing, breaking down themes that people find difficult to talk about, such as self-harm and depression, into a package that people can understand, without making people too uncomfortable.’

“Honesty is everything to me with my music..”

‘Honesty is everything to me with my music. I think it’s incredibly important for people to be outspoken about their own mental health, and I aim to do that to an extreme extent to try and show people that it’s okay to talk about things,’ Luke says frankly when asked about how he manages to write his music. He then went on to finish telling us that, ‘my songs aren’t meant to be relatable, they’re meant to be an example of “it’s okay to not be okay.”’

When asked about his rise in the music industry he remains humble, remarking that he doesn’t ‘really see it in that way! I think it’s amazing that more and more people are listening to me, and coming out to shows. For me though it’s just cool being able to make new friends and talk about my music to more people.’

Finally, as for plans this year and beyond, among hoping to tour with bands like The Wonder Years, Luke left us with this, ‘I also really want to sell out a headline show at some point, that’d probably leave me feeling very very happy with my career!’



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