Last year a band called Lincoln released their debut EP, A Constant State of Ohio. It’s an album of youth, folk punk and emo into a sixteen-minute romp. And, if that sounds interesting to you then you’d better get on the train quick because lead singer and only member of Lincoln, Lincoln, is ‘mostly just anxious to start grinding away at something new.’

“I was seriously just emo…”

‘I have always loved music and had played for a long time, but it was those more energetic folk-punk records with dense-yet-forthright lyrics that really taught me how to write songs and informed my style.’ Lincoln told us when we asked him exactly where we would be able to pin down what his albums sounded like then with a laugh added, ‘also, being a hormonal teenager, I was seriously just really emo.’

From the sound of the album we moved to the themes of the album, Lincoln told us that ‘all the songs on the record are about the same person. I and that person weren’t speaking when I wrote and recorded these songs, so I think if there is a common theme among them it’s simply my processing of that relationship.’ Finally, to expand a bit further he told us that, ‘we picked the songs for the EP from probably 20 or 30 different demo ideas so in a way, even though it didn’t feel like it when I was writing it, the record did kind of have a “concept.”’



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