Fan bases can be hit or miss, while some are the ones to make you run a mile in the form of ‘directioners’, the Creeper Cult does the opposite. One dedicated and loyal to not only the ghoulish Southampton CREEPER, but one that also takes a stance on social and political issues such as transgender rights, second hand ticketing, and generally has the ethos of, ‘everyone is welcome’, and to put it bluntly, ‘don’t be a dick’.

Among the ever growing thousands is fan, and video editor Martin Girvan, who painstakingly collected, and edited over 90 videos of the recent tour from his fellow cult members. “I’ve always loved projects like this, ever since I discovered the one that was created by Radiohead fans in 2010. There was a lot of requests on the Creeper Cult group for videos of the tour so I thought if it would be possible to combine them all together and make the full tour.” Comments Mervin. ” I’ve fell in love with Creeper since being shown them by a friend this time last year. There albums and EPs are amazing so I felt this was a good way to thank them and appreciate for that they’ve created.”

You can watch the video, originally started in December, EXCLUSIVELY NOW!



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