Carry The Crown might be a name that’s new to you, despite their ever-rising status in the alt-rock scene. That wouldn’t be surprising, considering they only formed last year. It’s been a busy twelve months for them. Not only did the band release their debut EP Desire, they also signed to Bentley Records, and their second EP is solidly in the works, set for an early 2018 release.

“We’re really pushing ourselves with this project”

‘We’re moving quickly,’ says vocalist Martin James. ‘But we’re also ensuring we do everything correctly.’ This is something that the band have been confident in doing from the get-go. ‘When we first set out putting Carry The Crown together, we knew that we wanted to do it right and take it seriously. We’ve all been in bands before, so have that experience to know what we want and where we want to be.’

This is what allowed them to be able to put out their debut EP so quickly, the band knew exactly what they wanted from it. ‘Desire for us was all about finding our sound and showing what we can do in just a few tracks. Desire was a big step for us in finding that sound and we were lucky in that.’ For most bands, it takes more than one EP to find their sound, sometimes it can take several full-length records. For Carry The Crown, who all had experience in music before forming, they were fortunate enough that they knew where they were pulling their inspirations from, and how to shape it. ‘We drew our primary inspiration from the likes of You Me At Six, Young Guns and Kids In Glass Houses who we have all had blasting out in our cars at some point while getting into music and following the alt-rock scene.’

While that in itself is fine, the band were also aware of the need for variation, in order to set themselves apart from others in the scene. ‘We have some very varied influences, for example some of us are into heavier bands such as Napoleon. Then others draw influence from more indie and rock music from The Wombats, Don Broco and Enter Shikari. It’s a strange mix of musical tastes and influences but it works really well for us.’

Martin also acknowledges their fortune in finding support from BBC Introducing. ‘BBC Introducing Lincolnshire was massive in helping us get started, giving us the confidence and credibility to push as hard as we are. They gave us our first exclusive play of Desire.’

Desire was released in May to wide acclaim. ‘The reception’s been incredible. The tracks have even been used as entrance music for Fight Factory Wresting which is truly humbling. We still love the tracks and that only grows when you have them sung back at you from the crowd. I don’t think there is anything that can keep your music fresh more than seeing people really enjoying what you’ve created and shouting it back at you.’

“For us it’s all about the music and the fans”

As for the next EP, fans should be looking towards an early 2018 release. ‘It’s done and ready to go,’ Martin explains. ‘We have chosen five tracks that we believe are amazing songs in their own right but, also tell an overall story and have a good feel together. They’re all embedded within our sound with points of experimentation and maturity. We’re really pushing ourselves with this project.’

And in terms of the future, the band are setting their sights high. ‘For us it’s all about the music and the fans and if we can get those two things right we hope to keep moving forward as we are. We played Deadbolt Festival in Manchester earlier this year, and as time goes on we would love to be playing a lot more festivals. The dream for us is to be on the line up for festivals that we have all loved going to over the years like Slam Dunk and Leeds.’

Normally, such confidence from a band with only one EP out would be almost unheard of, but Carry The Crown are here to stay, and it’s hard not to get swept up in their overwhelming positivity about their future. They know exactly where they want to be, and exactly how to get there. So long as their future releases meet the same reception as Desire, Carry The Crown are going to go far. Watch this space, alt-rock might soon be crowning its new kings.

FFO: Young Guns, You Me At Six




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