Sombulance aren’t a new band, but there’s a good chance you won’t have heard of them yet as they’ve only recently come back from a seven year hiatus with the release of their EP, Lifer.

“All my expectations have been exceeded and anything that comes our way now is just an awesome bonus.”

The skate punk 5 piece from Southsea originally split after the release of their first and only full length, A Cynic’s Response, in 2010, with their lead singer leaving to join the Marines.

Ant Harrison, guitarist, songwriter and now the only original founding member, formed the band back in 2005, and it was him and drummer Jon that kept Sombulance alive during the ‘hiatus’. They met up for songwriting sessions and slowly began to build the band again from the ground up, taking several years to cement the line up with the right members for the job.

But Ant doesn’t have any regrets about the break. As far as he’s concerned, he’s still living the dream: “In the beginning my goal was to play one show, as I’d never played in a gigging band before. After that it was just to play a few more and maybe one day support a band that influenced me growing up.  We achieved that last summer when we played with Strung Out so all my expectations have been exceeded and anything that comes our way now is just an awesome bonus.”

Ultimately though, the commute from London to Portsmouth for rehearsals became too much for Jon, which temporarily put their plans on hold. “We weren’t sure we’d be able to continue as there was literally no one we knew who could drum at his level, was available and lived close enough. It was only a few months later that we received an email inviting us to play Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, and we knew we knew it was make or break. Our good friend Marc Morey from Almedia agreed to step in to help us record some new material. As time was tight, we decided to cut the record in half so Marc had less to learn and then after a few weeks of jamming together we went straight to the Ranch Production House in Southampton to record with Neill Kennedy and Daly George. We’d heard the records they’d produced for Darko, Creeper and Boston Mannor and we were sold.”

With a massively successful show at Punk Rock Holiday, the future is looking bright for Sombulance, who are set to go into the studio again shortly. “We’d like to get the second half of the album recorded,” Ant tells us. “Either another 6 track EP or maybe a full length, there’s no shortage of material.”

They’ll also be gigging throughout 2018 so watch out for them at a venue near you!


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