Milk Teeth are the punk, grunge, alternative rock kids that are throwing anything that they can into a melting pot and it’s returning something amazing.  They’ve captured the hearts and minds of young guns just turning to this genre and the old heads that can taste something of the 90s in them.  After releasing a fantastic debut record last year they’re back with another couple of EPs this year because nothing can keep this seemingly unstoppable force down.

“I think it’s just a good moral to live by. Be nice and don’t be a dick unnecessarily.”

‘There’s been no game plan from day one. We have always had the fluidity and open mind to just accept if we like a song and hope that other people do too. We’ve never wanted to be contained to putting out the same thing ten times over. It’s boring,’ Becky Blomfield, lead singer gives us an insight into how they create their sound.  ‘We have a hugely broad spectrum of influences across the four of us and that definitely brings a lot into the mix during the writing process and keeps it interesting for ourselves as much as it does people who listen to us. I’d never want to get too comfortable doing one thing.’

But why would you put out two EPs? The answer is simple ‘it means we can get new music out quicker! We took a different approach to dropping something new and I’m really proud of it. There’s a continuation it’s very much a part one and part two.’

‘We just rarely stop writing.’ Becky laughs, ‘there’s definitely been things I’ve wanted to say. I’m a bit of a big mouth I always have something to say!’ In response to our question about how they keep putting out music.  The new EP is named ‘Be Nice’ which is something that we think we all need a little bit more of.

Becky then goes on to contemplate about the naming of the record a little bit more, ‘I think it’s just a good moral to live by. Be nice and don’t be a dick unnecessarily. If there’s reason to unleash hell then don’t be pushed around but generally be nice and play nice. Makes life a little easier.’

‘On a larger scale the world needs to stay positive in the face of the large scale hate that’s being pushed at us politically for sure. It’s definitely a time to come together and try and promote unity and acceptance of everyone for who they are. I think that’s important and a message we have always shouted out as a band.’

‘I’ve always just tried to be an open book and honest. I’ve never intentionally tried to convey any sort of mood in my writing. It’s more been if it’s happened to me that’s been my place to let that out. I’d never want to be so patronising to say we need positivity and people can’t indulge their other negative emotions because they’re part of life too. I try to capture a little bit of everything that’s happened to me and hopefully somebody else manages to relate to that in a way that’s personal to them. Positive or negative.’  This raw, story-telling emotion might be what draws people to Milk Teeth’s music, they will sing about almost anything and sound good doing it.

“I would love to get to the point where we accept mental health for what it is.”

With the recent news of the dangers of ignoring mental health in the music industry, Milk Teeth are in support of talking about what’s happening.  Becky explains that it’s something they’ve been doing since day one, ‘there shouldn’t be any boundaries. If somebody wants  to express their struggles with mental health or grief or whatever they’re going through they should be able to do so and in itself I think that there is an outlet for emotions we deem negative is only a positive thing in itself.’

‘I think fans from what I’ve seen anyway have really connected with mental health awareness. I think our generation currently is more aware than any of our predecessors have been and we are trying to talk and normalise it more so that it is less stigmatised. I would love to get to the point where we accept mental health for what it is and understand that someone can feel ill in their head in the same way you feel ill when you have the flu.’

Social media may be a force for good in this sense.  All of the members of Milk Teeth are very active on social media giving what seems like benign parts of their day away. ‘The beauty of social media is you can now share what you choose to on a larger scale and I’ve always wanted to very much show the boring  and everyday parts of my day too. Social media can often only show everyone’s best bits and not when they’ve just woken up in the morning or they’ve had something go wrong or the usual stuff life likes the throw at us. I want people to see the real side. I would never want someone to feel insecure or think we operate any differently to everyone else. We get spots, we get shouted at when we fuck up, we wake up and forget to brush our teeth it’s all the usual stuff and I think it’s important people see that too.’

Long live Milk Teeth.


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