In this month’s issue we go inside the return of one of the biggest cult bands to come from the UK, BASEMENT in our exclusive interview! Plus EMMURE’s Frankie Palmeri tells us why his band is stronger than ever before,  the godfathers of pop punk, NEW FOUND GLORY, prove that they’ve still got a lot to learn, and we go TO THE STAGE with CREEPER, PARKWAY DRIVE, LOWER THAN ATLANTIS, and more!

In this month’s Undiscovered issue we introduce you to the likes of LOATHE and British punks BROODERS, plus Sheffield pop punk heavyweights HAVENLOCKE. We get educated on the old school New York punk scene with LIFE OF AGONY, and see AFI’s Davey Havok team up with NO DOUBT to bring us DREAMCAR! 

We’ve got their backs since the beginning, and CREATE TO INSPIRE are about to hit the big time! CAN’T SWIM take on a tidal wave sized tour, and Discovered favorites CREEPER talk to us about what happens next! Plus we introduce you to the HEAVIEST band in the UK right now in the form of EMPLOYED TO SERVE and travel back to the 2000s for the brand new emo night, BLACK PARADE!




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