ARTIST: THE USED Live_and_Acoustic_At_The_Palace


RATING: 7/10

The Used return again, not just with another live album, but one filled to the brim with nostalgia… 

Not many bands reach the ripe age of fifteen, and when they do, they’re definitely entitled to celebrate it. So when Utah band, The Used finally reached this point, not only did they go on tour; they release an acoustic live album with a collection of songs from the past 15 years. Though the songs have been heard before and known well, the unplugged acoustic theme adds a completely new twist to their discography. Concocting the songs with new elements such as backing singers, piano, strings and of course guitar, the album balances the combination of dark and sinister but yet feeling very light and very listenable.

Vocalist, Bert McCracken sounds on form through the LP, with his signature vocal sound bringing you back to the early 2000’s. Making you realise that he’s remained a consistent and strong vocalist throughout the band’s career, something many vocalists haven’t accomplished. The set goes through hit after hit such as ‘A Taste of Ink’, which gets the already excited crowd ecstatic even more, with McCracken encouraging the crowd to sing it loud even though the show is more intimate than usual. Between songs, McCracken tells enticing tales to the audience of how some of the songs came to be, which is gives a nice rare touch to the show overall.

Separating this release from the rest of the band’s releases. To wrap things up, ‘Live and Acoustic at The Palace’ is a nice little extra gift from the band to say thanks for the past 15 of their career, carefully wrapping all aspects of the band fans would want to hear with an acoustic guitar into a nice little CD.

Though it’s nothing mind blowing in live production, it doesn’t need to be and gives everything it needs to be without being too much, showing a band raw and not armored by big amps. Definitely worth a purchase if you’re a fan.

WORDS: MATT LUNN | ‘Live and Acoustic At The Palace’ is out now via Hopeless Records



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