ARTIST: HACKTIVIST hacktivist-outside-the-box


RATING: 4/10 

Milton Keynes based band Hacktivist are a rare beast. Their sound takes different directions and is diverse enough to keep the musical buzz racing. The style that they abide by could be perceived as being obscure and inaccessible, but they don’t give a damn about trends. With their new album Outside The Box, the band programme rap with metal, slaving over their muse like a perfectionist. And the album does work and entertain, proving that two genres can merge together with fluency. Standout tracks No Way Back and Elevate strike with rage and fast paced guitar strokes that any metal fan would approve of. And the music drills home a sense of emotion and pessimism that may rub off on the listener. However, let’s face it…we don’t need another rap rock band.

WORDS: MARK McCONVILLE | ‘Outside The Box’ is out now via Unified / UNFD




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