ARTIST: DONNY WILLOW a0869020157_10


RATING: 5/10 

Scottish trio Donny Willow are one of those bands that you just can’t put a label on the genre. Their 7 track mini album ‘Inhale. Exhale.’ is full of genres from light rock, indie and hardcore. With tracks like ‘Little Brother’ and ‘Exhale’ you can really hear an early ‘Don Broco’ vibe mixed with the likes of fellow Scotts ‘Biffy Clyro’. This mini album is a continuous trip that you won’t get bored of. The guitar work from vocalist and guitarist Arthur Piddington is as dreamy as his vocals and this can be heard complimenting each other on the track ‘Fairytale’. Donny Willow are still fresh on the scene and this is one band that isn’t going to go stale any time soon.

WORDS: DOM LITTLER | ‘Inhale, Exhale’ is out now. 




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