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RATING: 8/10

Still flying the flag for goth punk rock, Southampton based band Creeper return with their cult following after the previous release ‘Callous Heart’, with their third release ‘The Stranger’. A Darker individual from the other releases, solidifying their presence as a band you have not heard in the music scene recently.

With strong reminders of a sound close to AFI and My Chemical Romance, the band thunder through the tracklist with fast paced songs; which are catchy to sing along to. As a band they sound tight and as a unit, and if they can live up to that in a live scenario then they are a forced to be reckoned with. Though this isn’t music that requires a back track, it’s raw, unforgiving and prepared to wipe the floor with you. Tracks like ‘Misery’ mirror this motif, as it enters with a sentimental chord sequence and fragile vocals quoting ‘misery never goes out of style’, giving a faint vibe of Death Cab for Cutie vocal melody wise.

Though the track after ‘Astral Projection’ jumps back into jumpy choruses, speaking lyrics of death and love. Instrumentally, the band seem more evolved, seeming more dynamically interesting this time round with dynamic quiet moments to thunderously loud and raw lead parts.

In conclusion, ‘The Stranger’ is once again an evolving progress from ‘Callous Heart’, becoming a big and stronger band every time the band releases something new. This creates an interest of what they can come up with next and will it top the previous release once again. Creeper is a band well worth to keep an eye on, as they seem to go from stride to stride, and in addition their live shows should be unreal.

WORDS: MATT LUNN | ‘The Stranger’ Is out now via Roadrunner Records




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