2015 was a pretty turbulent year for music. Whilst we discovered some of the most incredible bands, such as CREEPER, BLACK PEAKS, THE STRUTS, BEAUMONT and hundreds of others, the industry itself suffered a massive loss of life, finance, venues, and at even at times I became weary about the future of new music and the role it would play in the music industry (basically outside the breeding ground of producing the same bands for financial gain). But with 2016 set to be one of the most important years in music within the last decade (THRICE are coming back…that is all), I decided that ahead of our first issue of the year, and our Part II of Undiscovered 2016 bands, I would have the privilege of introducing you to my personal top 15 bands (I’ve had to cut it down A LOT) that I feel will well and truly make 2016 their year. Check it out and don’t forget to tell us what’s going on in your local scene, new bands you’ve been checking out and most of all….DON’T STOP SUPPORTING NEW MUSIC! 


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This is going to sound like a weird bout of paranoia, but for the last 2 months this band has literally appeared EVERYWHERE. From watching these three rowdie punk Brummies play to three people, to a packed out Camden Barfly in support of another weirdly wonderful grunge band (TIGERCUB) to headlining London’s Old Blue last in under two weeks, if one band is set on delivering a swift kick to everyone’s ears in 2016 it’s Youth Man.




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With 2015 being the year of bouncy, sunny pop punk, if I could bring back any genre in full swing it would be Nu-Metal. A personal recommendation to SUICIDE SILENCE‘s Eddie Hermida, this band is full of Slipknot sized choruses, gut wrenching guitar squeals, alongside some seriously tormenting, yet gnarly Marilyn Manson meets Korn style vocals. These are the new kings of metal in 2016, and if they land in the UK they’re going to stop at nothing to fight their way to the top.





4 regular chaps with a very irregularly catchy, poppy, and rocky band. If you want to experience the 2012 alternative rock revival that birthed the likes of MALLORY KNOX and FUTURES, well THE GOSPEL YOUTH are the true lost boys of that wave of Great British defining alternative rock. 2015 may have been a steady path for these Brighton lads, but now with a national backing, chances are you’re already looking at one of the next biggest UK bands to break this year.





Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to find a band that plays straight up sexy, oozing, guitar licking Rock N Roll. That is until you go and see Eva Plays Dead play live. Rewriting the rules of rock, and a band who’s crowd funded EP campaign I was more than happy to donate to (Sounds of The Written Word), it’s time to grab the Jack Daniels and head to Nottingham to join in for one of the sweatiest, and biggest parties of 2016!





I hadn’t been back to London in just over 3 months when I was suddenly invited to it’s outskirts to check out a band that is easily more promising than a good 80% of those on the new British metal circuit at the moment. When their current EP drops you’re not going to be ready for the curb stomp after curb stomp, metal club night worthy anthems. If you could drag Linkin Park back to the Meteora days and make them hand over the keys to someone else, then it Far From History would be putting their foot on the pedal. Hard.



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Since discovering these guys at Hevy festival this year, with a live show that made even the likes of CARNIFEX disappointing, The Colour Line are a band that have been appearing constantly within the math metal scene, as well as being a clear example of how bands should be supporting one in the new music. With a headline run that resulted in head injuries and broken instruments, if two words could sum up The Colour Line it would be these. Chaotic. Energetic. Their new record, and very bloody well awaited record, The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval is out next month, and we’ve already got it on repeat!





From covering their faces in Spaghetti letters, to trashing bouncy castles, Tiger Cub’s strange, outlandish, and oddball remedy of funk , grunge, and overall 90’s vibe is like reinventing a British Queens Of The Stone Age. If you want to mosh, bounce along, and get as close as possible to being in Nirvana’s iconic video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ then you better check out these guys opening for Basement this year.





If Joan Jett had started one of the most ballsy, melodic, yet face melting metal bands that put both The Runaways all the way through to the likes of Memphis May Fire to shame, it would be these gals. Fighting back in a male dominated industry, their head-bangable groove has made these ladies stand on their own two feet. Parents put away the Barbies, get your kid a stereo that goes up to 11 and put on a band that is more than just another girl band, but a representation of what the future of girl power really means.





If one band is going to be hitting home hard this year, it’s Bad Sign. I first worked with these guys in 2012, and for the last year these three Croydon brutes (musically, not as people) have been sticking to their roots, bringing integrity and brutal honesty to both their hard rock music, as well as to the British new music scene. With 2016 set to be their biggest year yet, this band is one push away from giving the entire music industry a well needed Croydon facelift. As Martin our sub editor would describe them..PARTY! (read in Northern accent).





There’s not many bands I would travel 22 hours across the globe for, get into a tiny van, and tour the USA with. But once you listen to the BRAND NEW -esque heart felt honesty of Demon In Me you’ll be booking both a flight ticket for both you and Adam Lazarra. The melodic choruses laced with genius lyrical content, both ‘Make It Hurt’ and ‘Sink Or Swim’ have become hopeful anthems in even the darkest of times. If you want a band that makes you feel, and I mean REALLY feel, then this is your answer.





Whilst I’ll be on the other side of the globe with Demon In Me, my only regret will not being able to catch one of the headline shows from these guys. Despite months of our introducing team, sub editor, and generally overall team dropping this band’s name like word bombs, I was only able to catch these guys near enough out staging WHILE SHE SLEEPS at Sheffield’s Leadermill on the 29th December. If one band’s EP has been getting under my skin like a rash, it’s Elegies’ Daylight Disease release, and it can only be medicated with the seducing melodies of their new single ‘Cocoon’. Post hardcore’s dulcet tones with hard hitting riffs, surrounding stadium sized choruses, Elegies are a band you WILL know by the end of this year.




Sheffield isn’t just a stomping ground for some of Britain’s newest heavier bands, but also a place of pure indie bliss. From getting stuck in Canada on Warped tour, to releasing a record that makes you feel like you’re in a rave with a contrasting relaxing atmosphere, Alvarez Kings have been my go to band for a good time and well deserved chill out session. If you’re into the likes of TAME IMPALA and FOALS, and want a band that is playing arena sized sounds in tiny venues still, then you better go catch these guys quick.




13 may be an unlucky number, and with a band member already having left this month, 2016 has had a few starting hiccups for the Stroud punks, but I can promise you now that this band is far from unlucky. After a year full of supporting the likes of REFUSED and dozens of festival appearances and sweat box styled shows, the colossal 90’s punk meets grunge sound is like an ecstasy fuelled Back To The Future styled trip where you’ll be begging Doc Brown not to take you back to the present day. Milk Teeth for a cover this year? We wouldn’t put it past them. Milk Teeth to become THE most important new band to define the next wave of British bands in 2016? Yeah we wouldn’t put that past them either. Oh also their incredible new record, Vile Child is out on the 29th. Grab a copy? Safe.




The noises coming out of front man Joe Gosney’s mouth should not be humanly possible, and then when the melodic choruses come in you’re stood watching a band that you KNOW will become the best new band you’ve seen live this year. The chilling, yet beautifully crafted sound of Black Peaks has already found them opening for the likes of LONELY THE BRAVE and ARCANE ROOTS. Do yourself a favour. Put on ‘Glass Built Castles’, and if you don’t think it’s massive amount of pure genius go give yourself a slap. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.



Imagine if back in the day LOWER THAN ATLANTIS had a secret love child with DON BROCO, and it was only beginning to surface..well that child has a name, and it’s Press To Meco. Oh, and don’t worry they’re making sure you know about them. A perfect soundtrack for a night out with the lads, a house party, or anyone looking for a good time, their debut record, Good Intent is going to make you feel good for all the right reasons. Catch them on the road this February/ March, and they’ve also got MAX RAPTOR and ALLUSONDRUGS joining them which means its a guaranteed good time!


To conclude there are loads of new bands I have had to cut out! With all of these guys making more than just noise this year, it seems like 2016 is the year that new music will once more dominate the industry! Be sure to grab a copy of the new issue out January 28th with interviews with the above bands and more!

Also I am super stoked to announce the re-release of our ‘In New Music We Trust’ shirts which you can grab HERE!




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