DIRT may be a band born from the ashes of multiple other bands, but there is something about their unique and truly refreshing alternative rock that’s had our ears loosing control this month. With their new EP, ‘Mirrors’ just around the corner, we decided to catch up with one of the most exciting new bands of 2015…

Photo: Ashley Green

SO FIRST OFF, HOOW DID THE BAND FORM? “The band began with Abdul (Bass) and Nikhil (Guitar). They had been a part of local bands in Liverpool and decided to move to London in search of the best members possible to start a serious project. Dan (Guitar) and Perry (Drums) were found through these London auditions. We began creating our sound and the quest for the perfect vocalist began! It took us a very long time, auditioning easily over 150 singers; we tried everything from flyering Universities and music colleges to standing outside gigs with huge ‘vocalist wanted’ signs. We did find some amazing singers, but we were looking for something more than just pure talent. Eventually, and I mean eventually, we found our singer in the form of ex Taking Hayley vocalist Alistair Keenan, and the rest is history!”

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE SOUND OF ‘DIRT’? “We’ve always found our sound hard to define; often we just say ‘Alternative rock with heavy elements’. We’re still experimenting with our sound and imagine we will always be trying new things out, best bet is to give a couple of our songs a spin and you’ll grasp the idea of what we’re trying to do. (Hopefully anyway!)”

“We were attracted by the juxtaposition of a name like ‘dirt’ and a somewhat cleaner sound and image.”

WHY THE NAME DIRT? “We came up with so many names in the initial process; we really wanted something that our sound could define in time. We were attracted by the juxtaposition of a name like ‘dirt’ and a somewhat cleaner sound/image that we try to create.”

WHAT‘S IT LIKE BEING A NEW BAND AT THE MOMENT? “I feel there’s a strange paradox right now, the actual consumption of music through social media, Itunes, Spotify and pirating has arguably never been higher, this gives bands and independent artists a massive platform, but it gives every other artist that same platform. This makes being noticed very difficult, we just hope our music speaks for itself and people can attach themselves to it.”

YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELVES AS ALTERNATIVE ROCK. DO YOU THINK THIS GENRE SUMS YOU UP OR IS ALOT BROADER THAN ANY OTHER GENRE/ DESCRIPTION? “It’s definitely broad, and that’s kind of the point! Our sound would allow us to fit on a bill with a metalcore band, but then also slide nicely in with a pop-punk/rock band; we’re very fresh on the scene right now so it’ll be fun to see where our sound places us in the ‘spectrum’.”

YOUR NEW EP, MIRRORS, IS OUT NOW. WHY THE TITLE ‘MIRRORS’? “We really wanted a title that encapsulated the EP as a whole. A lot of the lyrics Alistair and Perry worked together on were based on self-reflection, looking into yourself objectively and using introspection to improve yourself. Knowing your flaws, understanding them and tackling them the best you can.”

  • FOR FANS OF: You Me At Six, Deaf Havana
  • FROM: Essex, UK
  • RELEASES: ‘Mirrors’ out now via Itunes


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