When death metal is brought up, the imagery that springs to mind is that of torture, war and overall pretty grim things. Though when it comes to Brisbane’s Aversions Crown, it’s a little more interesting than that. Ahead of the release of their second album ‘Tyrant’ we caught up with vocalist Colin Jeffs to find out just what these Aussie bruisers are all about.



WHAT DO YOU FEEL AVERSION CROWN AS A BAND AND AN IDEA REPRESENT WITHIN THE SCENE? Colin Jeffs (vocals): “As an idea we are a band built on science fiction themes and concepts. The whole theming of the band is what really gave us an identity. The music is really tied in with the scene, but we didn’t just write a bunch of songs and then say ‘lets sing about these ideas’. We wanted to make music that fitted with the lyrics and the story, the whole package.”

IS SCI-FI SOMETHING YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD AN INTEREST IN? “Yeah, it’s definitely something that everyone in the band has a great interest in. It’s a vision we had for the band from the word go. ‘Tyrant’ is the album where it was a blank canvas and that is where we were able to give Aversions Crown it’s own story and own life. We had done similar things on the previous album [11’s Servitude] but it wasn’t till we got to write this album that we had a strong foothold on what we wanted to do and sing about. We didn’t want to just dabble in it, we wanted to go full in.”

WHAT THEMES ARE EXPRESSED ON ‘TYRANT’? “ ‘Tyrant’ is definitely alien themed. It’s linked to invasion, enslavement and the end of the world. Those three concepts growing up always terrified me. We wanted to sing about something we had an interest in. [Image] is something we think about a lot and put a lot of effort into. The lyrics, the artwork, the videos, we always like to have that Aversions Crown vibe.”

WHAT ELSE IS THERE INFLUENCING YOU ASIDE FROM SCI-FI? “I wanted the lyrics on the surface to reflect what we are singing about, but then if you look a deeper into these ideas surrounding them bares a striking resemblance to things that are happening right now. Things that are out of this world and alien in nature are happening everyday but we are so numb to them that we take them as being perfectly normal. That is what I wanted people to take away from it. A lot of things frustrate me. It’s not like I want to release them through the album but I think that kind of happens when you are a songwriter and you are angry about something. It’s natural that you vent personal things through your artwork.”

If you look a lot deeper into these ideas surrounding sci fi there bares a striking resemblance to things that are happening right now.”-Colin Jeffs (Vocals)

YOU ARE HEADING BACK OVER TO THE UK WITH WITHIN THE RUINS AND I DECLARE WAR IN JANUARY. ARE YOU PUMPED? “We are really excited; we had a great time when we played over there earlier this year. The crowds [in the UK] were a lot different to how they are in Australia. We got a really good response; we didn’t expect anyone to even know our band. People knew the lyrics and the songs. They were moshing and it was really good for us. We were completely blown away by the fact people on the other side of the world know our songs. As soon as we finished we said we were going to get back over as soon as we possibly can. The option came up so we jumped on it.”

WHAT ARE YOUR OVERALL GOALS FOR THE BAND AT THIS TIME? WHAT SORT OF LEGACY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE? “The goalposts are constantly changing. If you had asked me that question 4 years ago, it would be a very different answer. We didn’t really set out to accomplish anything, just play shows and write fast, heavy, crushing music. We’ve already done that so we need to set our goals a little higher. We want to play some of the massive Euro festivals that you see and that could happen like next year. It’s hard to judge where we will be in 5 or 6 years and what we will be doing then. For me personally, I’ve accomplished more than I ever set out to. We just want to play to as many people who want to hear us play. If people around the world want to see our band, one way or another we will get to them.”

  • FOR FANS OF: Suicide Silence, Black Tongue 
  • FROM: Brisbane, Australia
  • RELEASES: Tyrant, out now via Nuclear Blast



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