ARTIST: GIANTS digital_front_cover


RATING: 8/10

Essex isn’t just full of fake tan, reality show bellends and vajazzles, standing out in the crowd from all that complete shit is Essex based hardcore punks Giant who have recently signed to Holy Roar Records and are due to release their debut full length album ‘Break The Cycle’ on 1st April 2016. Its a bloody noisey one, so if you like your music angry, fast and aggressive then this is the album for you.

Giants have smashed the hardcore sound with the biggest baseball-bat you can find whilst knocking artists like ‘Your Demise’ and ‘Alexisonfire’ out of the park! Angry hardcore with epic clean choruses, Giants are going to be, well.. Giant!

WORDS: DOM LITTLER | ‘Break The Cycle’ is out now via Holy Roar Records




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